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Kimberly City is situated in South Africa and is also the capital of the Northern Cape. Kimberly car rental services provide you the freedom to explore the whole city with fun and unlimited kilometers. The customers need not bother about the vehicle theft or collision issues, as the collision damage waiver and the vehicle theft insurance are offered under the Kimberly car rental services. Contact the customer support and get the answers to your queries anytime. The customer support will not play any role once you have rented the car through us. Kimberly car rental services are available at affordable prices.

Kimberly – Key Elements

Kimberley is situated close to the confluence of the Orange and the Vaal Rivers. You should definitely see the Big Hole which is previously called as the Kimberley Mine Museum. It is also known as the recreated townscape as well as museum. It is the home to a rich collection of information and artifacts that also from the early days of the city. Another wonderful place to see is the Miners' Memorial which is also called as the Diggers' Fountain. It is situated in the Oppenheimer Garden. It was designed by Herman Wald. You should opt for car hire Kimberly services to reach this place which has been made in honor of all the miners of Kimberley.

World War I memorial in Kimberley is another place for you, which is waiting for your visit. It holds a Cenotaph which was erected originally in order to commemorate the fallen of World War I. Even plaques are added in memory of the fallen Kimberley volunteers who lost their lives in World War II. Hire a car at Kimberly to explore the Kimberley Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is made in the form of a small L shaped corrugated-iron building. You should know that it is referred as the mother church of the Seventh-day Adventists in whole country.

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