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KwaDukuza is a town situated in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It was formerly known as Stanger. If you want to get embraced in the best views of the town, you should take up the KwaDukuza car rental deal. Get the offers which are available at low rates. The best part is that clean, reliable and new vehicles are available on rent. The KwaDukuza car rental services are highly appreciated these days to avoid the public transport hassle. There is good number of stations from where you can pick up the car for your ease. The KwaDukuza car rental deals are floating online.

Outlining KwaDukuza

The most important buildings and places to see here are mentioned here. The Memorial Complex is one such building. Here Shakas two half brothers named as Dingane and Mhlangana along with his body servant Mbopa actually assassinated king Shaka. He was assassinated on 22nd September 1828. Then, a memorial stone was erected here over his grave in the year 1932 by the Zulu nation. Since then it is the national monument. Car hire KwaDukuza service will help you reach the Mavivane Execution Cliff which signifies the 'Place of Shivering'. As per the legend, the kind Shaka used this place in the form an execution cliff.

How can we forget to visit the High Rock? As per the legend, several enemies of Shaka were executed here. Moreover, his warriors need to prove their courage on this rock by leaping into the sea from the rock. It is on the seashore. It will be better to hire a car at KwaDukuza to visit the next destination that is the Mbozambo Valley. It is called as 'Shaka's Playground. He used to relax, bathe and get the drinking water from an underground spring only in the Mbozambo valley.

Rent a car at KwaDukuza so that you see all the possible and main attractions of the town.